😊 Imagine a land of great ideas, full of resources – that’s Global teams!

👫 Here, Global Teams produce innovative materials, but a persistent question still remains: Do these treasures ever reach distant markets? Do they really meet their needs?

🙍‍♂️ Meanwhile, local teams are working brimming with insights from the field. They understand the unique needs of each market, the voices of the HCPs, the realities on the ground. But a silent worry preoccupies them: Are their voices ever heard? Do their insights ever bridge the vast distance and influence the grand ideas?

💁‍♂️ For far too long, these two worlds existed in isolated kingdoms, separated by ancient walls. This, my friends, is the “silos since the dawn of time” – a formidable challenge facing the land of Pharma.

📢 But fear not! We’re rising to the challenge, by proposing practical solutions to build the bridge between these 2 worlds:

1️⃣ Chapter 1: The Exchange – Global and local teams come together in large workshops: a forum to share their knowledge. Field Force, heroes of the frontlines, bring the voices and experiences of HCPs directly to the table.
2️⃣ Chapter 2: The Alliance – Teams from different regions join forces with their global peers.
Through collaborative exercises, they forge a path forward, choosing the best approach for the brand and the company as a whole.
3️⃣ Chapter 3: Local Power – Markets get their turn in the spotlight. Dedicated workshops delve into their specific needs, ensuring that tactics are tailored to their success.
4️⃣ Chapter 4: The Grand Adaptation – Global materials go under a transformation. Infused with the insights from local markets, they become potent tools, perfectly suited to serve each unique region.
5️⃣ Chapter 5 & 6: Continued Dialogues – The bridge remains open, with regular workshops fostering continuous exchange between global and local teams.

✨ This is the story we are writing – a story of collaboration, a saga of shared insights. With this mindset and with continious efforts we can break down the walls of the “Silos”, ensuring that the grand ideas of Global truly reach the distant markets, and that the voices of local teams are heard loud and clear.


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