Deloitte’s 2023 : Patient – Centered Healthcare

Deloitte’s 2023 Global Life Sciences Outlook brings some exciting insights into the growing importance of patient-centered healthcare.

Here are the key takeaways to keep things simple :
Companies are using billions of patient data points to fuel innovation.
Fitness trackers and similar devices are helping collect continuous health data.
The future of patient-centered care involves decentralized diagnostics, direct-to-consumer channels, and real-world data from wearables and sensors.
Collaborative digital partnerships are improving patient outcomes.
Life sciences companies are expanding their focus beyond traditional manufacturing.
Partnering with third parties is promoting interoperable systems and a better overall understanding of patients.
Patient-centered care is helping identify undiagnosed or misdiagnosed patient groups and improving doctor-patient interactions.
Strategic tech investments are tailoring products and navigating complex regulations based on patient experiences and future needs.
Patients’ rising expectations empower them to voice their needs, leading to more patient-centered approaches.
Patients are getting more involved in their healthcare across various touchpoints.