About WhiteLab

We are digital strategy consultants specialized in the communication strategy for pharmaceutical industries, nutritional industries, healthcare start-ups and life science companies with a focus in omnichannel communication.

From global campaign communication to local digital initiatives, we build launch campaigns and communication strategy towards patients and HCPs.

Our services

  • Create OmniChannel Engagement plans for HCPs and Patients
  • Build and animate internal workshops on digital strategy
  • Support and conduct internal digital transformation
  • Train and coach on international digital channels best practices
  • Build content calendar for a whole campaign ( Website, Mobile Application, Social medias…)
  • Build Patients Supports Programmes
  • Ensure medical writing…

Who we are ?

WhiteLab was born out of a passion for health and innovation and the love of both sides of the Mediterranean sea.

Salma Esseghir, the founder, is a pharmacist and graduate of Paris Descartes and Toulouse Business School, with ten years’ professional experience in marketing and medical affairs within major pharmaceutical industry groups.

WhiteLab brings together different areas of expertise from different backgrounds: digital strategy consulting, marketing, medical affairs and copywriting… from Tunisia, France and other parts of the world.

This expertise is brought together to work closely with you and to offer you relevant services that meet your exact needs, and those of your customers.



🤔It’s not the right HCP!

Ever wondered about the “ONE” touchpoint that truly matters to your patients? The one that fosters trust, ensures well-being, and gets them the right treatment, at the right time? 👉The Challenge: Building a Personalized HCP Engagement Journey Pinpointing these critical touchpoints can be challenging. But by understanding your patient population, you can build a personalized …

🙏 Time to Make PEACE with Customer Centricity ️

🙋‍♀️ The healthcare industry needs a paradigm shift towards truly understanding and prioritizing patient needs. Enter the PEACE framework: a roadmap to guide healthcare organizations towards a more customer-centric future. 1- P is for Personalization: Healthcare often takes a “one size fits all” approach. We need to cater to the specific needs and preferences of …

🤔 What if we could bring Pharma teams together to work as one powerful group?

😊 This is where the “Critical Team Collaboration” PwC recipe : 1- Shared Goal: Everyone agrees on a clear goal: developing high-quality treatments that patients can afford, all while following regulations. 2- Open Communication: We break down the barriers between teams so everyone can talk openly and share information. This lets the best ideas shine …