🤔 Are Your Medical Reps Reaching Their Full Potential?

🤗 Traditionally, medical reps have been seen as informational resources for healthcare professionals (HCPs). But with the rise of omnichannel marketing, is it time to redefine their role?

📈 Surveys like those from DT Consulting show a clear preference for a hybrid model, with HCPs valuing digital channels led by reps.

📊 However, a recent Across Health 2023 report paints a more complex picture. Here’s why:

1- 24% of cardiologists in EU5 still rely solely on face-to-face (F2F) visits.
2- 23% aren’t reached through any channel at all! This begs the question: what are the alternative channels, and are they even being utilized effectively?

💁‍♀️ So despite the potential benefits of omnichannel reps (increased impact and efficiency), the report reveals a gap in adoption:

Only 8% of cardiologists in the EU5 engage through all three channels (F2F visits, email, and remote detailing).

💁‍♂️ The takeaway?

There’s a clear need for a more strategic approach to omnichannel engagement in the medical field. Reps need to become orchestrators, tailoring their approach to individual HCP preferences and leveraging the power of multiple channels.

What are your thoughts on the graph? Share your experiences in the comments!

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Across Health

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