How to keep your team motivated through hard time ?

A key tool to engage your employees and help them grow professionally is by challenging them

In fact, this method allows you to:

  • Improve team cohesion.
  • Promote healthy competition in the workplace.
  • Increase engagement by rewarding your best performers.

Watch this video to find out more about the framework of challenge: 

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How to assess your team’s capabilities

Engaging your employees on their learning path is the best way to create motivation and active participation in their on-going trainings.

Here are a few ways you, as a manager, can follow up with your team’s learning and capabilities assessment:

  • Performance metrics: These metrics can be an effective evaluation tool that can allow you to compare and compile data on your employees assessment.
  • Measurable goals: Managers and employees can set mutually agreed-upon measurable goals that focus on skills-expansion such as number of training sessions or medical education programs to attend.
  • Self-assessment : Employees can identify their strength and weaknesses. This can boost their own self-confidence and motivation and it allows to identify areas that need attention.
  • Challenging and testing : Evaluate your employees directly by testing them is probably the best way to assess their learning and training. However, it should be done in a creative and stimulating way. We can suggest a gamification platform like OlympiQs developed by our partner ATS – Digital Dev.

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